Business Valuation

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Business Valuation is at the very Core of VALUESQUE. We feel particularly comfortable in highly complex Valuation Cases, if deep fundamental Analysis is necessary and in dealing with Extra-Financial Values and Intangibles.

The Balancing Act

We feel home in Theory and Practice

VALUESQUE combines deep Understanding of Theory with a long Track Record of practical Experience as an Investor and Appraiser. This joint-Forces-Approach allows to generate maximum Value-added for Clients.

Why Choosing us?

Investor’s View + Analysis = Value Discovery

If you have to make Investment Decisions you better consult somebody who lives the Concept of Decision Values. But also in other Valuation Settings (e.g. Appraisals) you usually fare much better if you build on Decision Makers’ Thinking and Insights.

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We go to the bottom of things and look at what really matters!

Business Valuation is not a pure financial-Mathematics Exercise. For deriving Values we include everything what matters. This includes topics such as Corporate Reputation, Corporate Governance, Management Quality, etc. However, we are also convinced that – in particular in appraisal settings – only the Combination of Theory and practical Experience leads to top-Quality Valuation Results. Regular Publications and Speaking round off our profile as Valuation Experts. We take “Value Discovery” serious.

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We offer a broad Selection of Services regarding Business Valuations. And four of our Products you can only get from VALUESQUE.

Valuation No Limits

Business Valuation

Appraisals and Fairness Opinions at the limit of what is possible in Theory and Practice.

How does it work?

Full Value Coverage

Investment Consulting

Holistic Single-Investment Coverage for Institutional and Semi-Institutional Investors

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You never value alone

Value Consulting

Continuous Development of a Value-based and –oriented Corporate Management System

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Business Valuation

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