Business Models

Each Company is different, each Business has its own strengths and weaknesses. Valuation is not an automatic application of Excel spreadsheet models. In contrast, filling these Models with Life is what really matters in Business Valuation. This is why the Analysis of Business Models, of Competitive Situations and of Market Trends is so important. VALUESQUE goes down to the Bottom of Things from a fundamental analysis point of view in each and every Valuation Case – Helping Clients to understand the real Value Drivers of their Business.

Extra-Financials and ESG/Impact Investing

In our modern Business Environment, Corporate Values are more and more influenced by Effects that cannot be directly found in the financial reporting, such as ESG (ecological, social and governance), Management Quality, Intangibles, Reputation, etc. A proper Value Discovery is in Today’s Environment only possible if seen through the Lens of an Investor who knows about the Value Impact of these Extra-Financials. This is even more so true if we have to operate in the Tension Field of Values of the Society and Financial Valuations, such as in the case of Impact Investing.

Valuation Technique

Business Valuation always has a Technical Leg, too. This is particularly the case in an Appraisal Setting. But also in Investment Situations there is a strong Necessity for adequately applying the appropriate Technique for detecting the real Value Drivers of the Business. Important to note: High-Quality Business Valuations require both the ability to go to the limit of valuation technique as well as the Aptitude to prudently embed these technical aspects into a holistic Business Valuation Picture (including the fundamental Analysis Perspective). Due to its combined academic and investment Background, VALUESQUE is perfectly positioned to deliver in this regard.

Special Situations

In particular if it is about complex Valuation Situations, VALUESQUE can show its full range of Skills and Strengths: Distressed Valuation and Valuation in Insolvency, Start-Up Valuation, Intangibles, Key-Man Dependencies, valuation-technical Challenges, tricky Accounting Situations, etc.