To find out the real Value of Companies (Value Discovery) you have to identify the relevant Value Drivers and determine the concrete Value Effect. This requires more and more to properly assess the Impact of Intangibles and so-called Extra-financial Effects (Aspects that cannot be directly read from the Financial Numbers of the Company). But it is also important to perform a balanced Application of Valuation Techniques.

VALUESQUE has decades-long Experience in performing Business Valuations from the perspective of a long-term Investor, and hence in including all Value-relevant aspects. We take care of what really matters.

20+ years

Business Valuation Experience

>20bn. Euros

Appraisals prepared amounting to Values from 0 Euros to


„No Limits“-Cases since 2015

1. Fairness Opinion

We support you with Determining the Fair Value in Transactions by use of Fairness Opinions (Assessment on the Appropriateness of Acquisition- or Selling-Prices of Targets). Along with the Determination of Decision Values we also deliver a Reporting that ensures that the Valuation Results can be well-understood by Clients and other Addressees.

2. „Valuation No Limits“

We perform – leading in the German-speaking Countries – explicit Valuations for ultra-complex Cases, for very uncommon Valuation Reasons, and also for very specific Assets and Liabilities. This is possible because of our Combination of deep theoretical Know How and long-term practical Experience. We also benefit from our strong Network which allows us to really go deep into the most extreme and obscure Situations – Valuation No Limits!

3. Fund-Valuations for Private Equity and VC

By way of the AIFM-directive the EU forces so-called Alternative Investment Fund Managers to provide independent Valuations for certain Assets on a regular Basis and sometimes even at time of acquisition (in Germany the German Investment Code (Kapitalanlagegesetzbuch KAGB prescribes the Valuation Details). VALUESQUE is your ideal Partner for such Valuations and follows an Approach with a strong Investment Focus: We analyse, model and document our Business Valuations from the Viewpoint of Decision Makers. This Approach allows Fund Managers and Investors to kill two Birds with one Stone: Preparation of mandatory external Valuation Opinions AND new Insights into Value Drivers, Value Effects and Risks of the single Investments.

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