Over the Years we realised that reasonable long-term Investing but also sound valuation appraisals are strongly connected to a deep Understanding of the Concept of “Decision Values”. This particularly means that every Valuation Case has its roots in a sound Understanding of Value Drivers and appropriate Valuation Techniques. This is where VALUESQUE makes a Difference with its deep Know How about Values.

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Investment Consulting München

1. ESG- and Extra-Financials-based Investing, Impact-Investing

The Number of Investors who include Sustainability-Aspects into their Analysis is increasing strongly. Many of them still only follow a pure “Negative-Exclusion” approach, mainly because adequately determining the Value Impact of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)-Aspects is not an easy Task. But not only ESG, also other Extra-Financials gain in Relevance a lot for Investors these Days – not to mention the Idea of Impact Investing (earning a positive return BECAUSE you do a “good” project). VALUESQUE supports investors in building up a value- AND values-oriented Investment Concept and Investment Process.

Investment Consulting München

2. Holistic Coverage of larger Single Investments (in particular of Semi-Institutional Investors)

Due to our strong and hard Investment Experience regarding long-term Equity Positions, based on a fundamental and holistic (including Extra-Financials such as Corporate Governance, etc.) Analysis we are your ideal Partner for the Management and Coverage of relevant larger single Investments. Be it for Municipalities, religious Organisations, Foundations or similar: we feel particularly comfortable if it is a complex Investment Setting or even if Clients are in a minority Shareholder Position. This is where we can deliver the maximum Value for our Clients – in all respects of Value, Values and Valuations.

3. Corporate Investments

You are a Manager in an Industrial Company and want to optimise your corporate Portfolio? You need a Fairness Opinion for a Transaction? Or do you even want to invest with “Impact”? We support you!